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biography Alfonso Chianese

He was born in Caserta, Italy, 1974.


Istituto Europeo di Design – 3 years photography course – Roma (IT)
CFP “Riccardo Bauer” –photography and new technologies – Milano (IT)
Museo Fotografia Contemporanea – class in cultural heritage photography – Cinisello Balsamo (IT).
CFP Riccardo Bauer – Class in Photography archive and catalogation – Milano (IT).


Ex Chiesa delle Concezioniste, collective exibition for the project “Born Out”- eyes on the suburban world, in collaboration with Galleria Umberto Di Marino – Napoli (IT).
Galleria Studiolegale – Personal exibition “Der Alte Fuchs” – Caserta (IT);
Rocca dei Rettori – collective exibition for the “Premio Razano” – Benevento (IT).
Ospitale di Rubiera – collective exibition for the project on the construction of the Milano-Bologna railway in collaboration with the association for the contemporary photography “Linea di confine” – Rubiera (IT);
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – exibition for the Prize “Milano ed il suo Territorio” a documentation on the Milan territory – Milano (IT).
• 2002
Triennale di Milano – collective exibition for the Riccardo Pezza Prize “Il racconto di un luogo” – Milano (IT).


3rd place for the prize “le cose e il paesaggio” a documentation on the territory of the Valcamonica valley, Italy, promoted by Cultural District of the Valcamonica.