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Emiliano Biondelli

Born in Ravenna on the 9th of June 1976 and graduated in History of Contemporary Art in 2003.
He’s actually working with Valentina Venturi on blisterZine (self-publishing house) and NASTYNASTY© (artistic project on grammar of photography with Valentina Venturi). He usually investigates people living in “non-lieux” and their hobbies.
Photography, Video and Photobooks, are the main areas in which he experiments and develps his project, trying also to investigate on photography’s grammar.

Solo exhibitions

My Camera gallery, Ravenna, THUNDER curated by A.Dragoni
Ravenna’s Council, Young Politics’ Centre: VISIONI, curated by Rosanna Pisilli and Raffaella Sutter

Collective exhibitions

THE OBSERVANT, Ardis Hall, curated by Luigi De Angelis & Marco Cavalcoli (NASTYNASTY©), Ravenna
This Age, Galleria A+A, curated by Alessandra Carini and IED Venice (NASTYNASTY©), Venice
The End, Miami Beach Regional Library, curated by Jean Moreno and Celeste Prize (NASTYNASTY©), Miami
NICHT GERETTET, Galleria Ninapì, curated by E-cooperativa, with Valentina Venturi (NASTYNASTY©), Ravenna
Revolt – Festival Europeo di Fotografia, Revolt by OffSet (NASTYNASTY©), Reggio Emilia
Ario’s Bubbles Vision, 0(Ax)=dO(Am) Equazione Impossibile, curated by Daniele Trocellini (NASTYNASTY©), Ravenna
Where We Live, Public Library, project by Massimiliano Sordi & Andrew Phelps, Savignano sul Rubicone
Fotografando l’Energia, AB Energie HeadQuarter, curated by Viola Giacometti Bergamo
Belanok, “Portable Portrait Set”, curated by Tanjia Blazovska (NASTYNASTY©), various locations in Skopje
Satus, Spazio Morris, Milan “WM” project by Emiliano Biondelli & Valentina Venturi (NASTYNASTY©)
T* sguardo sui confini di genere, curated by Silvia Loddo, Rasi Theatre, Ravenna
I am a Musician, Granaio, Fusignano (RA)
RAM – Young artists 2008/09 prize, curated by Viola Giacometti, S.Maria delle Croci, Ravenna
Be a somebody with a body, Ninapì Gallery, Ravenna
Criminal Toys, Brainstorm, curated by Alessandra Saviotti, Fusignano (RA)


Thunder, blisterZine books
This Age, A+A Gallery, Venice
Postcards, Ravenna&Dintorni,weekly magazine, from 2011 to 2012, photo-columnist
DIY: Photographers and Books, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland
Revolt, ED. OffSet, Festival Europeo di fotografia, Reggio Emilia
Fotografando l’Energia, Ed. Libriaparte, Bergamo
Ex Tenebris ad lucem, Ravenna Festival Publishing, Ravenna
I am a Musician, free press catalogue, in collaboration with Around the Rock, Ravenna
RAM – Cercando il mare per Ravenna, Associazione Mirada, Ravenna
T* sguardo sui confini di genere, Libri Aparte, Bergamo
Be a somebody with a body, Danilo Montanari publishing, Ravenna


Hera special award for young artists from Ravenna


MuseoFotografia Modena, with Francesco Jodice, Socialscape Investigation
Sin-tesis Lab 2010, Where We Live with Andrew Phelps, Savignano Immagini


Taipei Artist Residence (NASTYNASTY©)
National Center of Contemporary Art of St. Petersburg, (NASTYNASTY©)


“Photography and the tourism industry: how to describe the travelling humanity”, in cooperation with Fondazione Ravennantica
“Who am I going to be?”, Ravenna, workshop for immigrants on the relationship between foreign identities and italian suburban reality, in cooperation with local Council