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Lorenzo Maccotta

He obtains a degree in Philosophy at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 2006, with a dissertation about the meanings of Pleasure and Pain in Friederich Nietzsche and Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy.
In the same year graduates at the “Roman School of Photography” with a documentary project about a community of polish immigrants living in an occupied space in front of his apartment.
After a short experience as a photojournalist, collaborating with “Medecines sans Frontieres” and L’Espresso, he changes direction focusing on a (un)personal research in the italian enviroment.
After moving first to Barcelona (2008) and then to London (2009), he came back to Rome where at present he lives and works.


Fotografia – Festival Internazionale di Roma, Macro Testaccio, Rome.
FotoDocks Festival, Munchner stadtmuseum, Munich.
Menotrentuno Festival, Spazio Tiscali, Cagliari.
Fotoleggendo, Mandeep Photography and beyond Gallery, Rome.
Re-imagine Europe project, Quest-21 Art Gallery, Belgium.
Artè PhotoFestival-festival internazionale di Fotogiornalismo, Ancona.


Pastori: indagine sul territorio laziale, Punctum Editore, Roma.
Una stagione all’inferno, Msf, Roma.

M 0039 (+) 349 1993276