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Sergio Camplone

He was born in Pescara, 1969. He studied photography at Riccardo Bauer in Milan, where he graduated in 2000. He works as an architecture photographer for companies, architects and public administrations. His research investigates the identity of places subject to progressive changes and transformations. Currently engaged in the “anagrafe del danno” L’Aquila, project for Confotografia, curated by Fuorivista; “Breviario di un paesaggio incompleto” curated by Calamita/à, on the Vajont fifty years after the landslide; UPI Puglia and the Greece – Italy territorial cooperations 2007-13; European “bridges of History and Tradition” project for mapping bridges in southern Italy.


• 2014
“Stills of peace and everyday life Italia and Pakistan” curated by di Antonio Zimarino, Franco Speroni, Lavinia Filippi e Raffaella Cascella – Museo Capitolare / Cathedral Crypt / Atri
“Happening architecture” Ex mattatoio – Pescara
“Vajont / Breviario di un paesaggio incompleto” curated by Calamita/à – Padova Photography
“Investigazioni private” curated by Fondazione Francesco Fabbri – Asolo
“Premio Francesco Fabbri per le Arti contemporanee” II ed. – Fondazione Francesco Fabbri, Pieve di Soligo
• 2013
“Stills of peace and everyday life” Comsats art gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan
“Syngenta photography award” judges choice at Somerset House, London
“Mainland / museo nuova era” curated by R. Sansonetti – Bari

Awards and Artist’s Residencies

• 2013
“Premio Francesco Fabbri per le arti contemporanee” II ed.
“Investigazioni Private” curated by Carlo Sala – artist in residence Fondazione Fabbri with Francesco Jodice
“Syngenta photography awar” judges choice at Somerset House, London