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Luca Rotondo

Luca Rotondo was born in Milan in 1989.
In 2013 he graduated with honors at IED (european institute of design) with a thesis followed by curator Angela Madesani that ended with the book “landscape’s hypothesis”, that is a research on landscape and his hypothetical meanings, due to make explicit the reasons that leads the photographer to take a photo and that reflect so their meaning on the landscape itself.
While completing his studies he started a collaboration with Domus magazine for which he followed part of the online post for the design week.
In 2013 he collaborated with Photoshow and Taste fairs.
Currently he is pursuing several projects related to explore the interaction dynamics between man and nature. With an eye to the signs that occur in the landscape he tries to sort the possible meanings that are put on stage in a photographic composition.


“ipotesi di paesaggio”, Fotlito 73