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Marco Dapino

After graduating in Industrial Design in 2005 from Milan’s Politecnico, Marco Dapino went on to earn a diploma in Photographic Techniques and Language at cfp Bauer in 2007; while completing his education, he worked extensively with photographers and auteurs such as Gabriele Basilico and Bruno Di Bello. For the past few years, Marco has been carying forward extensive and diversified research work focusing primarily on the territory. His works have been exhibited in Triennale di Milano, Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea in Cinisello B., CISA Palladio in Vicenza and at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milano, as well as being displayed at several art galleries.
Some of his works are now part of collections and museums.


“LongLineLedLight” – Fuori Salone, Spazio Borgogno, Milano (solo show)
“Prima Visione 2012”, Galleria Belvedere, Milano (group show)
“Razorsicht”, Santeria, Milano (group show)
“L’Architettura del mondo. Infrastrutture, mobilità, nuovi paesaggi”, Triennale, Milano (group show)
“Carne al Fuoco”, Asterisma, Milano (group show)
“Razorsicht”, BerlinBox –Tacheles, Berlin (group show)
“Transport” e “Lux Tetrahedron”, RBfineart at MIA Fair, SuperStudioPiù, Milano (solo show)
“Transport”, RBfineart, Milano (solo show)
“Carlo Scarpa: uno sguardo contemporaneo”, CISA Andrea Palladio, Vicenza (group show)
“What I Call Home”, Studio Maffei at MIA Fair, SuperStudioPiù , Milano (group show)
“Prima Visione 2010”, Galleria Belvedere, Milano (group show)
“Milano è Bellissima”, travelling exhibition on billboards, Milano (group show)
“Lights on Rails”, Polifemo – Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano (solo show)
“Untitled”, My Gallery Zona Tortona, Milano, Salone del Mobile (group show)
“Della Natura”, Spazio Farini 6, Milano (group show)
“A lunga esposizione”, Polifemo, Fabbrica del Vapore (group show)
“Nuove Acquisizioni”, Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea di Cinisello Balsamo (group show)
“Premio Pezza 2009”, Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea (group show)
“Premio Pezza 2008”, Triennale di Milano (group show)


2° prize, contest “Carlo Scarpa : uno sguardo contemporaneo” with Dettagli
Finalist at “Premio europeo Riccardo Pezza ‘09”
2° prize, “Premio europeo Riccardo Pezza ‘08” with Esterni RGB


“Primavisione 2012” , catalogue curated by Grin and Galleria Belvedere, edizioni Belvedere
“L’Architettura del mondo. Infrastrutture, mobilità, nuovi paesaggi”, Skira
“Il Paesaggio dell’Autostrada Italiana”, curated by G.Polin
Carlo Scarpa uno sguardo contemporaneo, catalogue curated by CISA Palladio, Marsilio
“Primavisione 2010” , catalogue curated by Grin and Galleria Belvedere, edizioni Belvedere
“Marco Dapino – Passaggi”, 20 Red Lights