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Giovanni Lami

Giovanni Lami

My land, the place where I live, between Ravenna and Rimini, is everywhere known as summer time leisure paradise but it has also one of the bigger
transgender community in Europe. I focalize my attention on them, follow an emotional sequence made of portraits and country details connected without a clear reason; it’s my walking and my sensitive path only. I lost myself between their lives and these streets, trying to find something private and intimate everyone can compare with his own background, in those pictures there’re always familiar and destabilizing elements at the same time. Every time I join the shot’s choice and the shutter’s “click” to the sound of my steps, my intent is not only looking, but walking also, being inside the place, reach and cross it, trying to delete the gap between me and the space around.
There is something like an apnea we reach when we start “really” observing everyday life, ordinary places, making possible everything around can show itself completely to us.

apnea is also like the social condition people with transgender identity are forced to live, everyday, in my country (Italy), but clearly, I don’t need to write this.