documentary platform

Gabriele Rossi

The sea plays the leading role in this series, that is, the sea experienced during winter and spring. Not always directly portrayed, sometimes it is only hinted at by sandy landscapes, the apparent lack of human presence, and silence. These images restore life to these places a life otherwise forgotten during the other seasons. Time seems to be suspended. The sound of the sea becomes impenetrable silence. The sense of solitude transforms the characteristic atmosphere of these spaces through the transition of the seasons. That which is restored, in these forms of territory, is a different vision, suspended in space and time through changes of the primary identity and a geography that mutates in the presence of people unknowing protagonists of a new landscape. Litorale is a photography project originating from the need to document the changes of the coastal area of Lazio, covering approximately 200 km. It represents the alterations caused by sea erosion, the abandon of bathing structures, and the subtle human presence, over a period of time between 2009 and 2010.

Paola Romano