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Maurizio Esposito
My secret garden

The trial which involves my father and that reflects, in many respects, the financial and real estate crisis in the last few years, which has compromised my house as well. Now the trial is ending and I will probably lose the house with the garden forever.
So I felt it was natural for me to go back to these places where I don’t live any more and that I’m going to leave once and for all: the garden
in the pictures is my family garden, the place bound up with my memory and my childhood.
Nothing was as before when I went back, or perhaps, I wasn’t the same who had left that garden. I penetrated into a place where the nature
regained possession of the space, that once was destined to our leisure, our play, our days spent with friends.
I was faced by a wood where the symbols of my story were submerged by tall grass, thorns and blackberry bushes, wild plants. The car, the empty swimming pool, the garden bench and the table of stone, these are the symbols of my experience.

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