documentary platform

3rd May 2014

We will present our platform and books at Linea di Confine per la Fotografia Contemporanea.

Documentary Platform / LAB / Osservatorio Fotografico
Three research and publishing experiences.

Curated by Federico Covre, Michele Cera, Silvia Loddo, Cesare Fabbri.

These three independent research and publishing experiences all share the goal of promoting photographic culture in contact with the local territory.
Documentary Platform is a visual archive which brings together research projects by independent photographers on a web platform.
LAB is a cultural association based in Bari which promotes photography through workshops, territorial studies and exhibitions.
Osservatorio Fotografico is a permanent research workshop which carries out teaching and publishing activities with photography campaigns regarding the city of Ravenna.
Recent publications will be on show by photographers such as Andrew Phelps, Cuny Janssen, Francesca Gardini, Davide Baldrati, Marco Lachi, Federico Covre as well as other new publishing projects.
At 5.30pm, Federico Covre will present the web platform entitled Documentary Platform, and Michele Cera will also present his book DUST published by Kehrer in 2013.

Linea di Confine
c/o L’Ospitale
Via Fontana 2
42048 Rubiera
Reggio Emilia

3rd May 2014
from 4pm to 8pm
conference 5.30 pm