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Michele Cera

The rural settlement of Borgo Taccone in Basilicata dates back to the land reform of the 1950s.
This important social reform was aimed at redistributing property expropriated from the great landowners to farmhands.
The village, at first densely inhabited, progressively shrunk in population in the 1960s and 70s, coinciding with the great internal migratory flow from south to north.
Today, only a few families live in Borgo Taccone and most of the buildings are abandoned. The story of this village is therefore representative
of the relatively recent processes of social transformation in the south.
Observing Borgo Taccone today implies observing the skeleton of the agricultural identity of the south.
It also gives us a chance to reflect, in a historic moment such is ours, on a social reform that remains important despite its failure.

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