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Davide Pagliarini
Il paesaggio invisibile

“Il paesaggio invisibile” is the result of a research project supported by Confindustria Ragusa, InArch Sicilia and municipalities of Gela and Vittoria about illicit coastal settlements in south-eastern Sicily, between the greenhouses of the largest Italian district of intensive agriculture.
The photographic research, conducted beginning from several trips made between 2003 and 2008, focuses on the delicate coastal ecosystem, reconstructing through photographs, data and maps, the traces of a suspended landscape, forced to a permanent incompleteness that, in addition to defining its identity, it is perhaps its most remarkable resource.
Far from the stereotypes or holographic representations of agricultural and rural Sicily, photographs describe a landscape in which the unfinished and momentary abandonment of buildings and vegetation evoke a sense of immobility and waiting.

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